Postpartum and Lactation Doula Services

We provide you with the emotional support, guidance and care you need throughout your journey, from pregnancy to childbirth, and postpartum.

Our Postpartum and Lactation Services

Postpartum Care

Glowing Motherhood provides new parents with all-inclusive postpartum care, which includes practical assistance with baby needs, emotional support, and physical healing assistance. This service involves screening for possible postpartum difficulties, providing a supportive setting, listening to and processing birth stories, and, when needed, referring clients to additional care providers.

Newborn Care

Glowing Motherhood offers practical advice on newborn care, including feeding, diapering, swaddling, and calming methods. We help parents build a strong bond with their baby, adjust to their new roles, and promote healthy attachment.

Lactation Support

As lactation counselors, we provide families with evidence-based advice We help with latching and positioning, pumping/bottle feeding, and assisting mothers in starting a successful breastfeeding journey

Practical Assistance

To support parents during the postpartum phase, Glowing Motherhood provides help in the form of light cleaning and meal preparation. This program offers a loving, supportive environment for the whole family, freeing up parents to focus on healing from childbirth and developing a bond with their newborn.

Our Postpartum and Lactation Packages

We also create packages tailored to your needs. 
Doula rates are priced at $42/ hour.
Lactation support rates are at $70/hour.
Virtual services available upon request.

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Postpartum: Introductory Package


40 hours used in within 3 weeks

Ease into motherhood with our introductory package. It includes an in-person visit with a top-tier certified postpartum doula. 40 hours is the perfect amount to get your started.

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Full Support Package


60 hours used within 4 weeks 

A full support package so you and your baby can feel taken care of. Our certified postpartum doula provides you with postpartum and newborn care that suits your needs.

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Lactation Support:
Prepare to Breastfeed

$105 for 90 min

Because you and your baby are unique, and every breastfeeding experience is different. 
During this at-home prenatal lactation appointment, you will meet with a Certified Lactation Counselor to talk about your specific goals and what to expect with breastfeeding. 

Besides answering any questions you might have; we can discuss these topics.  

· How the breasts produce milk and how breastfeeding works
· Barriers you may experience
 · Plans you can put in place prior to delivery to help you and your baby prepare for success
 · Benefits of breastfeeding
· Pumping/hand expression
 · Returning to work and maintaining lactation
(Recommended during the 3rd trimester)

Lactation Support:
Postnatal or initial at home Consultation

$140 for 2 hours

10% discount for Mommas that take the Prepare to breastfeed Consultation) 
During the consultation we will address and maintain conditions that predispose mothers and babies to an uncomplicated breastfeeding experience through observation, counseling, education and support.  
We will also assess breastfeeding management which includes latching and positioning and any other concerns that you may have. 

Lactation Support:
Follow-up Consultation

$70 for 1 hour

This package is important to track your progress and make any adjustments to your feeding plans,.

Only for dyads that had the postnatal consultation or initial 2-hour consultation .

Gift Certificates Available

Give the gift of doula care! Contact us through our form to request a gift certificate. Certificates can be made out in any dollar amount and can be used with any of our packages.

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